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Athlete Release & Late Fee Policy


Recreational and competitive gymnasts under the age of 13, must be escorted into the gym and supervised until class begins by a parent or guardian, and picked up promptly when class finishes for maximum safety. Children must wait for their ride inside, and be picked up inside the gym foyer by a parent/guardian.  Please do not send a sibling in to pick them up unless they are over the age of 13.

Parents may sign and give to the coach an Athlete Release 2024 for children aged 10-12 years old, in order to be released after class without a parent, and includes information on our late fee policy.

It is recommended that athletes that are being picked up that have signed the parent release form, advise their children to come back inside the gym if they do not see their parent/guardian outside at the pick-up area. If you are going to be late picking up your child please call and notify the gym.

Milton Springers policy is that all children under the age of 12 must be supervised while waiting for class to begin, and picked up inside the gym promptly when it ends. We recommend being here 5 min. before class begins and ends. Pick up will be in gym foyers unless other arrangements have been made (see permission to leave form attached). Please discuss any athlete pick-up circumstance that does not fit into our drop-off and pick-up policies with the office staff. Penalties are in place for athletes that are not picked up within our policy guidelines.

We understand that on occasion a parent may be late due to unforeseen circumstances. Parents should make every attempt to call the office (905-878-5030) and advise they will be late. Competitive families: if you cannot get someone in the office and it is an emergency, please send an email or text to your program coach or competitive director.

The group coach is responsible for ensuring all athletes are picked after class. Typically, the office is open until 6:30pm on weeknights and 3:30pm on weekends. If the office is open, the coach will leave the child with the office staff to ensure a safe pick-up (the office must be notified by the coach that the athlete has not been picked up). Older athletes (12 and over or those with signed permission forms) can wait in the foyer for their ride.
To be respectful of our employee's work time and obligations outside work hours, late penalties must be put in place. Late fees will be invoiced, and payment is required within 48 hours in order to continue with training. The fees will be passed along to employees who have to wait beyond their scheduled work hours.

  • First & second occurrence: less than 10 min. there will be no fee charged.
  • After 10 min. we will attempt to reach the parent or an emergency contact.
  • Third occurrence & beyond: 5-10 min late $10 penalty.
  • 11-20 minutes late $20 penalty
  • 21-30 minutes late $30 penalty
  • 31-45 minutes late $45 penalty
  • 46-60 minutes late $60 penalty
  • After 60 min. if the club has NOT been notified of the parents whereabouts, and we are unable to reach parents or emergency contacts on file, the coach is to contact the Head Coach (or GM if Head Coach in unavailable) to inform them of the situation. The coach will then contact Halton Police to come and take over care of the child until the parents are located. 

Parents must ensure that all contact information is up to date in our system, including emergency contacts.