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We are more than pretty.

We are Strong!

We are more than the dolled-up gymnasts you see at competitions.

We are sweaty with messy hair and ripped hands.

We are more than our perfectly polished skills.

We are hours spent in a chalk filled gym constantly falling and getting back up again.

We are more than a fancy leap or twirl. 

We are tumbles, flips and falls.

We are more than a good looking routine. 

We are the result of years of hard work and dedication to finesse those 3 minutes.

We are more than just girls doing a girly sport. 

We are dedicated female athletes doing the toughest sport in the world!

And we flippin' LOVE it!!


                                                                                                                      Words and Photos by Coach Michelle Delany 

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Milton Springers Gymnastics Club is pleased to announce the new partnership with Kidspired Media.
Kidspired Media is now the exclusive sponsorship agency for the club effective December 2022. 

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