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What are participation points?

Parents who choose the participating fee option have a reduced rate on training fees. In exchange for the reduced fees, families must complete the requested number of task points that have been assigned to their athlete’s program.  Parents with 2 children in competitive programs will complete the points of the highest level program. An explanation of the assignment of points will be included in the fee package. Points are valued in terms of the job description and do not necessarily equate to the same number of hours that it takes to complete them. Each year the points are evaluated and weighted according to the level of responsibilities and time to complete

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Task allotment


Participating Vs


The participating fee option requires families to work at club activities & events in exchange for a reduced rate in training fees.

Fee options must be chosen at time of registration & penalties will apply to those who choose the participating rate but fail to fulfill their requirements. Participating families will be required to sign a authorization form which represents the monetary value of participation . This will only be enforced if the commitment is not fulfilled.

The non-participating fee option is when a family agrees to pay the additional amount indicated on the fee package invoice ($60 per point). If a family decides to choose non-participation once the season has commenced and points have been assigned, the cost to buy out will be $75 per point.

The Board of Directors may request that a family join as a non-participating family if that family has failed to fulfill their commitments in a previous year. Non-participation refers only to exemption from the participating family policies. All other general policies must be followed

Penalties for missed commitment points

Penalties are in place to be fair to all parents who put in their time , as well as to those who make a conscious decision not to participate and pay the higher training fee.

Requests to change a scheduled point assignment may result in a $50 change fee. Change requests within 48 hours that cannot be accommodated will be charged $75 per scheduled point plus $50 change fee.