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Krista Johnsen


Krista has been a Springer Competitive Coach since 2008 and is now our Competitive Program Director, overseeing our competitive program. A former gymnast from the Sudbury area, Krista has an encouraging, positive approach to teaching gymnastics and a true desire to keep athletes involved and enjoying the sport.  This dedication has helped to develop and expand our competitive program to include multiple levels with a “Sky is the Limit” approach. 

Krista’s vision is to develop young athletes to become the most successful gymnast they can be in a “Firm but Fair” atmosphere and then encourage them to become an even greater role model.  Krista has been recently certified as a Sports Psychology Coach.

Krista’s experience and certifications include:

  • Level 3 NCCP Certified Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coach
  • Level 1 Certified Trampoline Coach
  • First Aid, CPR Certified
  • Risk Management Certified
  • 25+ years of coaching experience
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • "High Five" Train the Trainer Certificate
  • Certified Sports Psychology Coach
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion

Tammie Gray


Tammie is a graduate of the Elite Coaching program at Seneca College and is a certified Level 3 coach.  She has been coaching gymnastics for over 32 years in the GTA area.  Tammie has experience working with both provincial and national level athletes.  She enjoys coaching all four apparatus and has produced several gold medal winning floor routines over the course of her career. One of her proudest and most memorable gymnastics moments to date was the day one of her optional level athletes received a perfect 10 for her beam routine at a qualifier! Her athlete had tears in her eyes and exclaimed “I did it? I didn’t think I could” to which Tammie replied “I always believed you could”. 

Finding that “belief in yourself” is what Tammie would like all of her athletes to take away from sport.   Gymnastics (and life) can sometimes be a struggle, but working with her athletes to build up their resilience and find the motivation and inner belief to get up and try again is a quality that she hopes to nurture in all of them, knowing that this skill will be one that they can rely on throughout their lives beyond gymnastics.

Outside the gym, Tammie is the mother of 2 amazing little girls that keep her very busy!  Biking and hiking are favourite pastimes as are spending time at the cottage swimming, fishing or roasting marshmallows.

  • Level 3 NCCP Women's Artistic Certified
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Risk Management Certified 
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion

Stephanie Head


Coach Stephanie holds the distinction of being our longest employed Springer Coach.  She is respected and adored by all of our athletes and coaches because of her incredibly strong work ethic, resilience, knowledge and adaptability. A former high level rhythmic Gymnast, she understands the dedication required to achieve success in this sport, and has acquired an ability to develop  this skill within her gymnasts.

She started Coaching  for Springers in 2006.  Since that time Stephanie has "worn many hats " - from Recreational Supervisor to  pre-comp coach to compulsory coach to Optional coach, as well as Assistant Recreation director.  During her time here  at Springers Stephanie has continuously increased her coaching certifications and honed in on her appreciation of  shaping and technique.
  • Level 2 NCCP Women's Artistic Gymnastics Certified
  • Level 1 NCCP  Trampoline Certified
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Risk Management Certified
  • "High Five" Coaching Seminar                                                   
  • Former Rhythmic Gymnast
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion

Heather Coffen


Heather started gymnastics as a Springers in 1983 and competed provincially for 6 yrs.  She has continued doing gymnastics as an adult and now has been doing gymnastics for 35 years! It was only natural for her to move into a coaching career.  Heather started coaching at Springers in October 2017. She is Foundations Trained, and has completed her Introduction to Competition Training.  Heather coaches compulsory and invitational groups and assists with the optional teams. Heather's coaching goals are to continue growing and learning as a coach and to provide a positive environment where gymnasts can reach their goals, and be the best they can be.  Heather's interests include spending time with her four daughters, working out and gymnastics.

  • NCCP Introduction to Competition Training
  • NCCP Foundations Trained 
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Risk Management Certified
  • Former Springer Provincial Gymnast
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion

Hannah Morrison


Coach Hannah has been a dedicated Springer for over a decade!  Hannah began coaching at Springers when she was only 15. Her passion for gymnastics has come full circle, first as a provincial gymnast and then as a recreational coach and now we are fortunate to have her on the Competitive Coaching Team.  Hannah is a certified Level 2 Women's coach as well as a Level 2 trampoline coach.  In her spare time Hannah enjoys hiking, reading and learning Circus Arts.
  • NCCP Trained Intro to WAG Competitive Advanced
  • NCCP Certified Intro to WAG Competitive
  • NCCP Foundation Trained
  • NCCP Level 2 Trampoline Certification
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Risk Management Certified
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion

Mia Levstik


Mia started gymnastics as a Springer in 2008 and competed until 2019.  Finishing off her competitive career as a level 7 gymnast.  Mia is passionate about gymnastics and has chosen this as her career path.  She is Foundations trained Level 2 certified and coaches our Compulsory and Development groups.  Mia is a positive role model to all young gymnast and well her way of becoming one of Springers best coaches.

  • NCCP Trained Intro to Competitive 2 Advanced
  • NCCP Certified Intro to Competitive 1
  • NCCP Trampoline Certified
  • NCCP Foundation Trained
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Risk Management Certified
  • Sport Taping Trained
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion



Katelyn Sales


Katelyn grew up at Milton Springers from 2001-2009, and spent the majority of her time coaching at Springers through her 10 year coaching career. Katelyn is a trained competitive advanced coach, as well as trampoline certified.  Katelyn is coaching our ODP pre-competitive teams, as well as Xcel program teams.  A graduate from the Early Childhood Program at Sheridan College, Katelyn prides herself in her approach to coaching her athletes in a similar way to her education field with a loving firm but fair attitude.                      

  •                    * NCCP Trained Intro to Competitive 2 Advanced
  •                    * NCCP Certified Intro to Competitive 1
  •                    * NCCP Trampoline Certified
  •                    * NCCP Foundations Trained
  •                    * First Aid/CPR Certified
  •                    * Risk Management Certified
  •                    * Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  •                    * ODP Assessor
  •                    * High Five Certified
  •                    * Canadian Centre for Child Protection-Commit to Kids Course Completion










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